Local Product of the Month: Nila’s Chutneys

From their Website: Nila has been making chutneys for over 30 years for family and friends, and for the last few years we have been adapting chutneys to use with western foods and cooking methods.  Our move to New England inspired Nila to start using local ingredients, such as rhubarb and blueberries, not found in India to broaden our horizons and create new tastes and recipes.  Nila’s Chutneys was recently featured in the Keene Sentinel’s Food Section & the Ledger Transcript.

Available at the Hannah Grimes Marketplace

Nila & Roy of Nila's Chutneys at MFCC's 2009 Matchmaker Event: Connecting With Local Producers

Product of the Month: Yankee Farmer’s Market Buffalo Meat

From Yankee Farmer’s Market  website: Why are we here at Yankee Farmer’s Market so BIG on buffalo? Because it is the natural, delicious choice for health conscious individuals and beef lovers everywhere.  Buffalo meat, besides having rich, natural flavor, is also far lower in fat than beef and poultry.  At Yankee Farmer’s Market, all of our buffalo are fed a natural diet of hay as well as having many prime acres to graze freely. They also get occasional treats such as apples.

Our bulls are raised 20-24 months of age for desired tenderness and all of our meat is USDA inspected, vacuum packed, and flash frozen to ensure the highest quality. Yankee Farmer’s Market guarantees quality buffalo meat, containing NO growth hormones, NO stimulants, and NO antibiotics.

Available at the Hannah Grimes Marketplace
& at Fritz, The Place to Eat

Featured Local Product: Misty Knoll Free-Range Chicken

From Misty Knoll Farms website: Misty Knoll Farms is a family-owned and operated farm producing the finest naturally raised free-range turkeys and naturally-raised chickens available from Vermont.  As stewards of Vermont’s working landscape, we treat our farm as a precious, irreplaceable resource, and follow sustainable farming practices to ensure our cropland will be productive for future generations. We raise our birds with the utmost care, feeding them whole grain, free of antibiotics and animal by-products. Our chickens range free in spacious, specially designed enclosures.

Misty Knoll Farms Chicken is now available at the Hannah Grimes Marketplace.

Featured Local Product: Butterworks Farm Organic Maple Yogurt

From Butterworks Farm‘s website: We’ve been farming organically for twenty-five years and are always willing to share our knowledge and experience. We are totally self-sufficient. We grow all the food our cows eat, including corn, oats, barley, soybeans, and alfalfa. All of our cows were born here on the farm. We have a closed herd- which means we don’t buy cows from other farms.

Since 1975, during our first days as homesteaders with just a family cow, we have made our yogurt right here on the farm. We use only our own milk to produce this delicious yogurt. Our soils are sweet and mineralized. The extra special “nutty” flavor of our whole yogurt begins with the land we farm.

Butterworks Farm Yogurt is now available at the
Hannah Grimes Marketplace.