Cooking with a CSA Share

Below are resources to help you get the most out of your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm Share:

Bounty in a Box: Support local farms by learning to make good use of your CSA box
By Linda Murphy, Published May 17, 2011 in The Herald News

Picking up that first CSA box from your local farm can seem like Christmas in June for those who love to cook and eat locally grown food. But as the growing season progresses, and weekly shares become more abundant, good intentions of supporting local farms can quickly turn into a fear of opening the refrigerator and finding a rotting produce Little Box of Horrors….

How to Tame Spring Greens
By Jessica Walsh, Published May 12, 2011 in NewportPatch

When we first became members of the Simmons Farm CSA program, the cooking greens were probably the most intimidating to me. Our first year as CSA members also happened to be a cold, rainy growing season, so we were getting a lot of greens.  I had never been a big fan of cooked greens to begin with, and I suddenly found myself staring down a fridge that was overtaken by kale, chard, dandelion greens, collard greens…..


Rosaly’s Garden Cookbook – Rosaly’s Garden Cookbook  from Rosaly’s Garden in Peterborough, NH. Visit the Rosaly’s Garden website for more information. “So many people come to our farmstand asking about different ways to prepare the many varieties of herbs and vegetables that they buy here. Our garden cookbook was created just for that reason and offers many simple but stylish recipes to enjoy.”-Rosaly Bass

edible: A Celebration of Local Foods More than a Cookbook- The Voice of a Movement – “Edible honors all those who have been…diligently working to re-create a world where the power of good food can change our lives.”- From the Foreword by Michael Ableman, farmer, photographer and author of Fields of Plenty. Click here for more info.

Recipes from Local Farms

Simple & Delicious Farm Recipes from Tracie’s Community Farm in Fitzwilliam, NH

Recipes by the Month from Abenaki Springs Farm in Walpole, NH

Collection of Recipes from Hillside Springs Farm & CSA Garden in Westmoreland, NH

Recipes by Crop
from Daloz Farm CSA in Hancock, NH

What’s Your Interest?
What are your favorite local foods recipes? What produce do you really struggle with? Have a great cookbook to recommend? Please share your thoughts.

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