Farm of the Month: Hettie Belle Farm

By Jennifer Core, Hettie Belle Farm

Hettie Belle Farm is a local, pasture-based family farm raising 100% grass-fed and organically raised meats and poultry for Monadnock families through a meat CSA!

Located in the heart of the village of Warwick, MA on the New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts border we are raising beef cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens and ducks on pasture.  Hettie Belle Farm is a true village farm comprised of pasture-land owned and leased, as well as many generous arrangements with neighbors who see animals as a welcomed alternative to mowing high quality food stuff.

Central to our family and farm is the land we steward. Our cows and sheep are 100% grass-fed. They have as much of mama’s milk as they want, are moved through our pastures daily May to November and fed local hay throughout the winter. Our pigs are pastured in a large hedgerow where they root day and night. Our chickens, ducks and turkeys spend their entire lives on grass. The animals themselves play a central role in the continual improvement of soil fertility and the overall productivity of the farm as well as adding to the quaint New England scenery we all value.

With a deep commitment to purity of product, we only feed certified organic grain to our pigs and poultry and all of our animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone free. As parents of young children, who have been raising livestock for years, we are incredibly conscious of the food we build our bodies with. Our commitment to local, organic, 100% grass-fed is uncompromising because we believe that good meat actively contributes to a landscape, local economy and community that we want to leave for our children.

Join us and become one of our member families! Shares are comprised of a total of 60+ pounds of meat and poultry distributed over 5 monthly pick-ups (November – March) of roughly 12+ pounds each. Shares are distributed monthly at Hannah Grimes Marketplace.

In total, members can expect to receive:

15 pounds 100% grass-fed beef
20 pounds organically fed pork
10 pounds 100% grass-fed lamb
10-12 pounds organically fed chicken (equal to 2 whole roasting chickens)
6-9 pounds organically fed duck (1 whole duck)

Holiday turkeys available by order.

Lots more details at!

Hettie Belle Farm
28 Winchester Road
Warwick, MA 01378
(978) 544-6241

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