Monadnock Youth Farm Education Initiative

Good news! The Monadnock Farm & Community Connection, a project of the Cheshire County Conservation District, received a small grant from Antioch University New England to connect more young people to local food and farming in the Monadnock Region. (See more information below.)

Our first step is to gather ideas from all of you – ideas that will help us think outside the box, while including all the initiatives and talents already at work in our region.  Our goal is to create something that is both effective and inspiring, a resource that is used – not filed on a shelf or stored in a closet.

Please help us brainstorm.  Take this survey before May 15, 2009:

Feel free to forward this link to others.

Antioch Alumni Proposal 2009

The Monadnock Farm & Community Connection (MFCC) is a collaborative community effort to strengthen our regional food system.  We work to create inventories and assessments, promote farm education and celebration, and strengthen our existing local food infrastructure.

The inspiration for this specific proposal idea comes from the MFCC “Grow Food Everywhere” Discussion led by Deb Habib, Executive Director of Seeds of Solidarity (and Antioch Alumnus!), at Antioch on March 4, 2009. Educators, farmers, and community members came together to learn and brainstorm ways to strengthen student connections to farming and local food.  We explored specific strategies on how our schools can: cultivate food, learning, and community through the development of school gardening programs, build their curriculum around growing local food, and unite the community around local farming.

“Nationally and regionally, the time is ripe for education that connects schools to the rising local food movement and build strong partnerships, through strategies that nourish our communities, reduce food miles and even help to mitigate climate change,” Deb shared.

Our idea is to work together to create a farm education tool kit (specific to our region) that encompasses the needs and challenges identified at the “Grow Food Everywhere” Discussion. Some of the identified needs include: funding, integrated curricula, summer garden care, local resources, and community involvement.  The MFCC Steering Committee will be responsible for publishing the tool kit, and the MFCC Inventory and Education Committees will work to collect and synergize the content.  We will convene an advisory board of teachers and farm educators to help us develop and revise our concept.

Our project will be developed from May – November 2009.

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