New Peterborough-Based Project Aims to help Food Pantries, Farms

By Sentinel Staff, Published: Thursday, April 23, 2009

PETERBOROUGH — The Town Farm Project’s aim is to hire local farmers to provide fresh produce, meat, milk or eggs to local food pantries or community kitchens.

Daniel D. Holmes of Sunnyfield Farm in Peterborough and two other local farmers, Brad Miller of Greenfield and Carrie Dumas of Peterborough, have spent the last two months organizing the project through the Peterborough Grange, a branch of a national nonprofit agriculture education and advocacy organization.

“It’ll be a way to make sure that the kitchens can provide high-quality, local food and it will help make local farms more economically viable,” Holmes said.

Organizers are now working to raise money and then begin seeking farmers to work with.

Members of the grange raised more than $250 last weekend selling pizzas at Peterborough’s “Greenerborough” event. And along with private donations and a $200 contribution from a local slow-food organization, Holmes says the project is gaining interest among community members.

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