Baked Beans and Fried Clams: How Food Defines a Region

Baked Beans and Fried Clams: How Food Defines a Region
June 6th: History Weekend at The Hancock Inn

On Saturday morning take a trip to nearby Harrisville, New Hampshire for a tour of one of the Monadnock region’s most exciting farms.  Mayfair Farm is a small scale diversified farm and kitchen. On the farm they raise a variety of fruit, lamb and pork, specializing in artisanal sausages. Passionate about bringing the bounty of the farm into the kitchen, Sarah Heffron and Craig Thompson create foods that showcase a moment in time for private events and farm dinners.

For dinner at the inn on Saturday, join Edie Clark, writer for Yankee Magazine and author of ten books, for a talk that offers a celebration of regional food specialties along with an examination of how contemporary life has distanced us from these classics. What makes them special and how do these foods define our region? Edie Clark will draw from such diverse resources as Fannie Farmer, Julia Child, and Haydn S. Pearson for enlightenment and amusement as well on her own experiences, writing and traveling for Yankee magazine over the past thirty years to places where baked beans are still featured prominently on the menu. Registration required.

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