Monadnock Farm Summit

Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition Monadnock Farm Summit
Monday, May 19, 2014
Heberton Hall, 60 Winter St., Keene
Networking dinner will be served


Farming businesses with the equipment and capital needed to operate at maximum productivity; improved and broadened farmer’s links to wholesale and retail markets; new farmers on land with secure tenure; land conserved for agricultural use through conservation easements. This vibrant vision is one of many from our first forum in 2013 and identified in Goals 2, 3, & 6 of Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition’s Strategic Plan.

Based on your feedback, we are offering five workshops addressing current challenges. Time will allow for participants to choose three workshops from the list below. Time before and after can be spent gathering information, problem-sharing & solving, and networking.


  • Where Do I Start? Acquiring Land to Farm – Land For Good
  • Access to Funding & Financing – NH Farm Service Agency
  • Improving Farm Production and Equipment – NH Small & Beginning Farmers; UNH Cooperative Extension
  • NRCS Technical and Financial Programs to Improve Production
  • Successfully Selling Wholesale  – One Buyer Shares Why He Orders from Monadnock Menus


  • Grants for Value-Added Products
  • Marketing – Hannah Grimes Center
  • Monadnock Menus – Online ordering & distribution


  • Promote increase of food production
  • Improve and sustain local farms’ ability to remain financially viable, and thrive
  • Increase the volume of locally produced food sales by improving farmers’ links to markets

In addition, we will provide an update from our Policy and Farm to School Working Groups. Please use the forum to network! Bring announcements, events, workshops, etc. to share!  Find out how we can impact each others’ work in a positive way!

Networking light dinner will be provided. Bring your appetite!
For more information, email

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