MFCC Quarterly Forum: Local Food Advocacy

Via Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition

Policy on Your Plate

Those at the March forum responded overwhelmingly that more officials, lawmakers and representatives need to be at the table in order to grow a vibrant, safe and efficient local food system that:

  • enhances the health of our community
  • is profitable for farmers and producers
  • is accessible to all community members
  • conserves natural resources
  • is sustained by strong leadership and commitment in the Monadnock Region

Therefore, this forum addresses the policy-focused goal of our region’s Strategic Plan.

Meet State Representatives, National Advocates, Local Leaders and Agricultural Commission Members who are already involved with local food. Hear examples of food policy at work right here!

Find out why and how we can impact their work, so they can impact our work in a positive way.

Share your experience making, changing, or being affected by policy on any level.

Highlight laws and programs that help or hurt our work, and take action to:

  • learn what an Agricultural Commission is, and how to start one if it is right for your town
  • support established Agricultural Commissions
  • identify and advocate for State policy in support of our work in the local food system
  • identify and advocate for National policy in support of our work in the local food system

Our work is for naught if we don’t show those making the laws that bind us what is important to us both as individuals and as a Coalition.


Agenda for Wednesday, July 10th

8:40      – Registration

9 am     – Welcome & Introduction to MFCC

9:20 am – Healthy Helpings of Local Participation with

Beth Hodge of Cheshire County Farm Bureau and Rhett Lamb who supports Keene’s Agricultural Commission & Town Planning Board.

9:50 am  – National and State on Your Plate with

Tara Sad, NH State Representative and Chair of the Agriculture and Energy Committee and Roger Noonan of New England Farmers Union

10:20      – Break

10:35      – Action Planning

11:35      – Report Out

11:45      – MFCC Members report on progress since March Forum

Noon       – Networking Lunch

As a coalition we are more than the sum of our parts. We each hold a piece to the puzzle and can support and enhance each other’s work to make life better for all Monadnock Citizens.

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