Send a Farmer to Washington

By Erbin Crowell, NFCA Executive Director, and Annie Cheatham, NEFU President

Congress is making decisions about your food and our farms. The Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) is partnering with the New England Farmers Union (NEFU) to help raise funds to send farmers to Washington to talk to our lawmakers.

Several times a year, the National Farmers Union coordinates a legislative fly-in. This is an opportunity for our members to go to D.C., walk the halls of Congress, meet with government officials and tell them our concerns for New England agriculture and fisheries. Because lawmakers listen to personal stories, we want to make it possible for more New England farmers and fishermen to participate in these fly-ins.

“Small farms are increasingly important and are at the forefront in developing innovative farm technologies and sustainable farming practices,” says Tim Wennrich of Meadowstone Farm in Bethlehem, NH, a participant in a recent fly-in.  In a political atmosphere supportive of big agriculture, “vision is not our problem. Small farms could use a little more voice and a little more support.”

You can help strengthen the voice of farmers in DC.  Please send a $10 tax-deductible contribution the NEFU Education Foundation today and help send a farmer to Washington.  Thank-you.

For more information and to make a contribution, please visit

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