Farm Partner of the Month: Elm City Restaurant & Brewery

By Jan Sevene, Monadnock Localvore Project

Elm City Restaurant & Brewery
Debra Rivest
Colony Mill Marketplace
222 West Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03431

As purveyors, farmers appreciate support from related businesses-our local restaurants. An increasing number are taking advantage of the wonderful fresh meats and produce available in our community. Elm City Restaurant and Brewery in Keene is proud to be one of them. Owner Debra Rivest claims the benefits work both ways.

“If you do the right thing, it will come back to you,” Rivest says. “It’s worked out for us, as well.” She-who has sought local products for years-believes in buying local for two major reasons: 1) to support other local businesses, and 2) “…a huge reason,” to improve the environment, minimizing the impact of long-distance buying, and supporting those farmers applying sustainable business practices. {Elm City Restaurants is also a member of Monadnock Buy Local -ed.}

Just a few examples of Elm City Restaurant and Brewery’s support: its coffee is purchased at Prime Roast, whose aromatic imported beans are roasted right here in Keene.  “All spreads are made here. Our seasonal berries are from Monadnock Berries in nearby Troy, New Hampshire. “Some are from my own backyard,” Rivest says. She loves hearing from people excited about the food. One usual customer comment is, “I love that maple vinaigrette dressing!” Her standard reply, “You know that was made here with a local product (in this case, syrup from Stuart & John’s Sugar House in Westmoreland).” Peaches and apples are the fall focus. Look for seasonal specials that feature these fruits.

Bo-Riggs/Sullivan, beef burgers; Echo Farm/Hinsdale, pudding; Hijinks Farm/Jaffrey, vegetables; Hodge Podge Farm/Gilsum, eggs; and Tracie’s Community Farm/ Fitzwilliam, herbs and vegetables, are just a few of many farms that supply local restaurants. By supporting these restaurants, you support your farmers and your community. If there is a favorite local food you’d like to see on their menus, let them know.

Other restaurants serving local food:

Fritz Belgian Fries
45 Main Street
Keene, NH 03431

The Fitzwilliam Inn
62 NH Rte. 119 W
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
(603) 585-9000

21 Main Street
Jaffrey NH 03452

The Inn at East Hill Farm
460 Monadnock St.
Troy, NH 03465

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