Farm of the Month: Boulder Meadow Farm

By Jan Sevene, Monadnock Localvore Project

Boulder Meadow Farm
Glenn & Lisa Letendre
254 Rhododendron Road
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

Love lamb? Four years ago Lisa and Glenn Letendre moved to Boulder Meadow Farm. A former horse farm, it is now home to llamas, an alpaca, chickens, and pure-bred Wensleydale sheep, raised for their prized fleece. But along with this line-up, the Letendres raise other types of sheep for meat, and just this year began selling it.

At Boulder Meadow Farm, grass-fed lamb can be purchased on the hoof or packaged and frozen.  If buyers opt not to buy a whole lamb on the hoof, Lisa says: “When the lamb is ready for market weight, they can have me bring it to the butcher. Buyers can also buy cuts out of my freezer.”

Orders for Boulder Meadow’s USDA certified meat are currently picked up at the butcher. “In another month,” Lisa says, “lamb will be sold at the farm. I’ve been raising my lambs here to market weight, now the butcher will do it USDA, to sell right off the farm.” Also, Boulder Meadow chicken can be purchased frozen, whole or in individual pieces, right at the farm.

Boulder Meadow also works with Fitzwilliam’s Steeple Chase Farm (fleece and raising lambs), and Hill Farm, (fleece and offering pigs, chickens and turkeys for meat), as part of a unique support group that helps assure the highest quality products for their customers. “It’s our work. We’re dedicated,” Lisa says.

Support your local farms. Buy local, buy fresh.

Other farm-direct meat:
Country Critters Farm
240 Forest Lake Rd.
Winchester, NH 03470
(603)  239-8657

East Hill Farm
Dave  Adams
460 Monadnock St.
Troy, NH  03465
(603) 242-6495

Pitcher Mountain Farm
Dave Weaver
2110 Rte 123N
Stoddard, NH 03462
(603) 446-3350

Porkside Farm
10 French Pond Rd.
Henniker, NH 03242
(603) 748-3767

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