What Does a Local Living Economy Mean to Us?

In November 2009, a group of community members gathered to explore the concept of a Local Living Economy.  The BALLE Network has its own definition, but what does it mean to us – citizens of the Monadnock Region?

Here is a small sample of ideas to describe a Monadnock Local Living Economy – What would you add?

The Monadnock Local Living Economy is a place where:

  • All citizens can have a great quality of life.
  • Our basic needs are met within our community and region.
  • Individuals realize that they are beyond the worth of their jobs.
  • Leadership helps identify common ground and overarching community goals.
  • Citizens are creating a new definition of what our needs really are.
  • Individuals and banks are investing in social capital.
  • We are working cooperatively and collaboratively.
  • All citizens are engaged and feel included.
  • Celebrating our community.
  • We are thinking of our community as a system.

Monadnock Buy Local Grows Regional Effort to Support Local and Independent Businesses

Monadnock citizens and local business owners are invited to help grow a grassroots movement in our region: Monadnock Buy Local (MBL).

A MBL Steering Committee is forming and current members are reaching out to towns beyond Keene to make this truly a regional effort.  For more information, contact MonadnockBuyLocal@gmail.com.

Monadnock Buy Local’s roots lie with the Keene Buy Local Initiative – a project of the Keene Downtown Group.   The Keene Buy Local Initiative launched a 10% Shift Challenge the week of July 1-7, 2009, to coincide with other nationwide celebrations of “Independents Week”.  For more information visit http://keenelocal.com.

The Keene Downtown Group is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to insure the vibrancy and vitality of Downtown Keene: http://keenedowntown.com.

Keene Independents Week

IndependentsWeekThe Keene Downtown Group (KDG) joins other nation-wide groups in declaring the week of July 1-7, 2009 Keene Independents Week. KDG will celebrate our independence by kicking off the Keene Buy Local Initiative: 10% Shift Challenge during this week.

The 10% Shift calls for individuals to spend more of their money locally and at independently owned businesses. Not by spending more, but by redirecting just 10% of what is spent annually to these businesses. Studies find that when money is spent locally, up to three times as much money stays local.

Join Keene Independents Week Facebook Group.