Courgettes Rapees: Grated Sauteed Zucchini

By Katrina Hall at

One of my favorite ways to eat zucchini is to grate it, drain it, and quickly saute it in a frothy foam of butter and a little olive oil. Every forkful is buttery and smooth – a delicious side dish with chicken, or fish, beef or pork. But it can also stand alone with a little fluffy rice on the side, or nestled up to an omelet. Or IN an omelet. Don’t skip the draining! Getting rid of some of the excess zucchini water is what makes this so good. Click to view recipe.

Lamb Navarin with Summer Vegetables

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This is an off-the-cuff version of French lamb stew, usually made with tiny turnips and potatoes and the first peas of Spring. Don’t be put off by the steps – it actually doesn’t take much time at all. You saute, pop in the oven with herbs and broth ( wine or beer optional), sieve, and briefly cook again before serving. What you get is a heady, herby broth with chunks of tender lamb and slightly crunchy sugar snap peas and carrots. Mine is a version of Julia Child’s from Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

View the recipe here.

Natural Egg Dyes

From Lakewinds Natural Foods Co-op

This Easter try coloring eggs the natural way. Use hard cooked brown or white eggs. After eggs are cooked, quickly cool the water or rinse in cold water. This helps to prevent “greening” of the yolk. Natural dyes take a bit longer to color the egg, so plan on extra time, or leave the eggs in the refrigerator overnight.

Blue/Teal: Chopped Red Cabbage
Put 2-3 tbsps. chopped red cabbage in heat safe cup. Add boiling water. Add 1 tsp. white vinegar.  Let sit overnight.

Light Peach to Gold/Orange: Onion Skins, Yellow
Use 1 large handful of onion skin for each cup of water. Simmer 20 minutes then add 1 tsp. of white vinegar.

Magenta Red: Grated Red Beets
Put 2-4 tbsps. freshly grated beets in heat safe cup. Fill 2/3 with boiling water. Add 1 tsp. white vinegar.  Orange beets may be used to obtain saffron color.

Green: Red Cabbage & Turmeric
Pour scant tsp. of turmeric and 2-3 tbsps. of chopped red cabbage in a heat safe cup then add boiling water.

Purple: Red Cabbage & Beet
Put 2 tbsps. grated beet and 2 tbsps. red cabbage in heat safe cup. Add boiling water.     Striking and intense.

Pale Green: Onion Skins, Red
See directions for yellow onion skins.  Allow long steeping time.