Local Living Economy Building Block: Sustainable Agriculture & Our Local Food System

Monadnock Buy Local

Which businesses, organizations and initiatives are supporting sustainable agriculture and the local food system in our Monadnock Local Living Economy?

In 2012, Facebook fans generated a short list of recommendations – we hope you will add your suggestions/updates as well:

  • Manning Hill Farm: From Angela: “The best milk ever!”
  • Orchard Hill: Via Stephanie “I will put a word in for my friends over at Orchard Hill in East Alstead again, specifically responding to the local food system question this week, the Village Roots CSA and Orchard Hill Breadworks. Ellen doesn’t have a website for the CSA, but I found this blog post from 2010 that has the link to the Breadworks site, and talks about how the gardens are so connected to the Orchard School curriculum.”
  • Tracie’s Community Farm: From Ann: “Her farm is wonderful, and she is such a dear, sweet soul. Loving for the CSA!!!”
  • Walpole…

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