Late Season Happenings

Keene Community Garden Connections

photo (12)      CGC Co-Coordinator Michael Hightower had a very successful, free cooking series this fall in partnership with the CGC and the Cheshire Country Conservation District. His grand finale was a pie making class. Community members came together to learn how to homemade crusts and different kinds of pies. They swapped tips and left with bellies full of pie plus 2 crusts to take home. Can’t beat that! Stay tuned for more classes this spring or summer.

photo (11)

Harper Acres ended the season with a potluck. Gardeners shared food and talked about the successes of the season.  They already started planning for next year.  Good work everyone!

photo (6)

The Woodward Home, through a generous Home Depot donation, is having a ramp built down to the garden beds. This will make the gardens more accessible for the senior residents who enjoy them.

photo (13)The Westmoreland site had quite the successful season. Over 1,000…

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