Keene Community Garden Connections

What do you get when you combine hummus, crayons, and laughter? A wealth of dreams.

Last week, just hours before our CGC team was to embark across the country to join families for the Thanksgiving holiday, we hosted a meeting specifically designated for us to dream up all the grand ideas we could conjure for the future of Community Garden Connections. We called it our “retreat.”

Meeting at the cozy home of our faithful advisor, Libby McCann, we started our dream session with a hike in the woods followed by local snacks. While these factors may sound trivial, they are indeed some of the most crucial components to encouraging our brains and hearts to entertain nearly unfathomable ideas.

We chose to separate this retreat into two areas of focus: first, this next year and second, a time period with no deadline. This first half of our session was important because…

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