Raw Milk

Compiled by Laura Keir, Hannah Grimes Marketplace

Stonewall Farm educator Sarah Antel, showing a camper how to milk a cow.

February’s Localvore E-Newsletter included news and resources on the latest issues surrounding raw milk.  Whether you choose to drink raw milk or not, the regulations and business decisions concerning this local product are probably affecting local farmers and consumers including yourself.  Get informed and get involved!

In recent months, the controversy over raw milk has heightened with milk cooperative Organic Valley’s decision to prohibit its suppliers from selling unpasteurized milk to local consumers. The effects of this business move has rippled out to touch the Monadnock region. See the following articles:

Organic Valley Lays Down the Law on Raw Milk
By David Gumpert, Posted on Grist, May 25, 2010

Organic Valley started up in 1988 with a vision of being a different kind of milk cooperative, one that helped save small family dairies via promoting organic dairy products. Read more…

Raw Deal? Co-op Forces Farm to Stop Selling Raw Milk Locally
By Sarah Trefethen; Article from The Keene Sentinel, Published Jan. 31, 2011

Standing on a bale of hay at Stonewall Farm on a recent afternoon, 4-year-old Sara Dafeldecker laced small pieces of hay into her father’s hair as he talked about his family’s relationship with the farm. Sara has been drinking fresh-from-the-cow, unpasteurized milk from Stonewall Farm for her entire life, Kai Dafeldecker said.

Stay informed about raw milk issues in our state by checking out the Facebook page of the New Hampshire Alliance for Raw Milk (NH-ARM).

What’s Your Interest? Do You Drink Raw Milk?

Where do you stand in the controversy over raw milk? How do you feel about recent events concerning raw milk? Share your experiences and knowledge via email, Facebook, and Twitter.  If you drink raw milk, where do you purchase it? Please let us know so that we can compile a list of local places to buy raw milk as a resource to the community.  And be sure to check the Monadnock Localvore website for additions to this list of raw milk sites.

3 thoughts on “Raw Milk

  1. Carol Lake

    We have a small dairy here at Dancing Dog Farm in Peterborough, and we sell fresh, raw goat and cow milk here at the farm. I firmly believe in the concept of “food freedom” and that what we decide to eat or drink should not only be our own decision, but our right. Raw milk, like any fresh food, needs to be handled with care, and we make it a point to educate anyone on exactly *how* to take care of this very fragile, perishable product. Properly handled, raw milk from a small farm dairy is some of the finest stuff on earth !

  2. Dina Farrell

    Microfarmers of New Hampshire is a newly formed group to support HB 1402 a bill presently in the NH Legislature. If passed HB 1402 will allow for homemade foods to include baked goods, jams and jellies and raw milk aged cheese, yogurt, cream, butter and kefir to be sold without licensing or inspectoin, on small farms producing less than 20 gallons/day. Please contact Dina, chairman of Microfarmers of New Hampshire at (603)569-4529 to find out how you can help.

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