Gecko’s Complaint

I recently read a Balinese folktale Gecko’s Complaint and thought of all the businesses, organizations and individuals working to make the Monadnock Region’s communities more vibrant and healthy.  We all, while reaching towards our goals, may unintentionally interfere with one another.

Like the gecko, I have complained about the firefly that keeps me from sleeping.  Could it be that just like the firefly, whomever I am complaining about means no harm and is actually helping me reach my goal?

“So the Chief called Gecko in once more.  In a stern voice he said, ‘Gecko, no more complaining!  We’re all connected in ways we sometimes can’t see.”

We are all connected in ways we can’t see.  What are our common goals?  How can we self-organize and work more synergistically?  Instead of working on our goals in isolation, let us acknowledge our interconnections and create something larger and more beneficial to the whole.


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