Farm of the Month: Bo-Riggs Cattle Company

Bo-Riggs Cattle Company
469 South Rd
Sullivan, NH 03445
Article by Jan Sevene

What are the advantages to buying beef locally? In particular, it is the assurance your family is consuming safe and nutritious food. What is a sound way to help ensure this? According to Tiffany Briggs of Bo-Riggs Cattle Company, it is in knowing the farmer that produced it.

“What sets our product apart from other beef you buy is that you get to meet the farmer who raises it for you. You can ask any questions about how and why we do things the way we do,” Tiffany says, indicating she and husband Dana are well-qualified to answer those questions, for each has an extensive knowledge of farming, particularly dealing with cattle.

Dana is a 3rd generation farmer, having grown up on a dairy farm in Deerfield, NH. Tiffany spent many school vacations and weekends visiting her grandparents’ dairy farm. Living at home, she chose Polled Herford beef cattle as her 4-H project (Bo-Riggs also offers weaned calves in the fall – 6-8 months old – many raised by 4-H children as championship-winning 4-H projects). Her brother chose Black Angus. After the loss of her brother to a tragic farm accident in 1997, she inherited his small herd of Black Angus cows.

Since then, Tiffany and Dana have raised beef cattle for 12 years, the last two of which have involved retail sales. Bo-Riggs Cattle Company offers their 100 percent Black Angus beef (ground beef, steaks and roasts) frozen and sold by the pound. “We sell our meat retail to customers at the farm and at the Keene Farmers’ Market. We sell wholesale to the Hannah Grimes Marketplace,” Tiffany says.

Two local restaurants feature Bo-Riggs’s ground beef: Fritz, The Place to Eat in Keene, N.H. and The New England House in Brattleboro, VT.

Call or email Tiffany to plan a fall-foliage visit to the Bo-Riggs Cattle Company farm. The Briggs’s family business, including daughters Olivia and Victoria, welcomes support from customers and neighbors, for it is not just support for eating local, but as Tiffany puts it, “This support allows us to do our part in helping to maintain the rural character and picturesque views of New Hampshire.”

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