Benefits of Urban Chickens

From Urban Chickens Blog

There are a variety of reasons to keep chickens in urban environments, and its not a new fad. People have been keeping chickens in cities for centuries, and here are some of the benefits when you add chickens into your urban lifestyle:

Local source of protein: If you live in an urban environment you can grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables in your backyard. When it comes to supplying your own source of protein however, it’s impossible to get your dog to lay breakfast each morning or fit a cow in your backyard. That’s why chickens are so wonderful! They are small, easy to care for, and won’t take up your entire yard. Chickens provide protein rich eggs, and if you choose to you can also raise them for meat (if slaughtering is legal where you live).

Better quality: Fresh foods simply taste better! Also, when you raise your own eggs and meat, you know what the animal ate, its living conditions, and how it was treated. No need to worry about food safety, antibiotics, or hormones.

Source of fertilizer: Chicken poop is high in nitrogen and great for your compost pile. Supply your backyard garden with compost made from chicken poop and watch your plants flourish!

Natural pest control: Got cockroaches, tomato horn worms, aphids, grubs, or any other pest you don’t want in your yard or garden? Chickens are great at controlling these pests naturally- no need to put nasty chemicals in your yard.

It’s fun! Chickens can provide a breath of fresh air in our busy urban lifestyles (as long as you don’t step in their poop!). Just like cats and dogs, chickens have personalities and can be great companions. If you can’t keep indoor pets, chickens are a wonderful alternative with the added benefit of providing food. Also, your neighbors and friends will come flocking over to your house to take part in all the excitement.

You can be a part of the local food movement! The local food movement is taking off, and by keeping chickens you can take pride in being a producer and not just a consumer. Help feed your own existence!

Be sure to watch this great video on backyard chicken keeping.
Less than 3 minutes long…

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