Farm of the Month: Long Ridge Farm

Article by Jan Sevene, February 2009

Long Ridge Farm
Jack and Nancy Zeller
Westmoreland, NH 03467

On Long Ridge Farm in Westmoreland, Jack and Nancy Zeller raise the rarest breed of sheep in North America. The quality of their sheep’s sought-after fleece continually stirs comments from repeat customers: “The fleece colors are lovely,” or “It feels very soft,” or “It is beautiful.” And Nancy Zeller, proud of her flock of CVM/Romeldales, knows why.

Together with their natural beauty, hardiness and wonderful dispositions, Nancy described: “Their fine wool…. anyone who is a fiber person says, ‘I love this CVM wool.’ And a fine crimp, which is just as tight as can be, giving [the wool] a springy light, fine handle. It is just beautiful to work with; it is super, super soft.”  And, she added, its heavy grease weight, makes it most desirable to spinners.

Nancy explained how the white and natural colored Romeldales, a cross between Romney rams and Rambouillet ewes, were created on a California farm over 50 years ago.  “Pendleton had bought the entire raw wool fleece every year for their woolen goods.” In the 1960s, the breeding of two mutant multi-colored Romeldales created the CVM/Romeldale (California Variegated Mutant), a breed known for its distinctive coloration pattern referred to as “badger” markings.

Visit Long Ridge Farm’s website at, and learn more about the fascinating CVM/Romeldale breed. Click on the farm’s Online Store, which offers Earthues natural dye extracts and kits. Raw fleece is available annually, along with roving, “Washed and ready to go,” Nancy said.  Nancy reserves all white Romeldale fleece for yarn (not available raw).

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