Job Opening: Gleaning Coordinator

The Community Kitchen, Inc.
Gleaning Coordinator – Job Description

Position Summary
To work effectively within The Community Kitchen providing farms and CSAs with professionally coordinated gleaning services while engaging community partners in the hands-on rescue and distribution of farm fresh surplus foods.

Consisting of but not limited to the following:

· Program Promotion; tabling, phone calls, e-mails, in person meetings, presentations
· Farm Relations; calls, e-mails, introductory meetings maintaining consistent season long contact and providing professional level food rescue and gleaning service
· Volunteer Management; recruitment, training, retention, safety
· Crew Management and Leadership; organizing and oversight of gleaning crews and other volunteer tasks, orientation and training, maintaining safety
· Harvest Techniques and Fresh Food Handling; teaching, directing and correcting to ensure high quality, safe product
· Storage and Distribution; guiding and overseeing the appropriate packing for specific crops, understanding storage needs and time frames, organizing distribution and serving community agencies/sites
· Data Tracking; recording volunteer involvement, tracking farm and crop specific harvest/collection information
· Admin Responsibilities; e-mail and phone communication, maintaining paperwork for volunteers and data tracking
· TCK Communication; regular communication with co-workers, department heads and supervisors

The applicant must be self-motivated, disciplined and committed to being both part of a team and a team leader.
· Self-discipline, self-starter, interested in the work of TCK
· An interest and experience in agriculture, resource management, knowledge of farming practices and produce handling
· Proven ability to supervise and engage with people of all ages
· Ability to engage with the community to address food loss and basic food needs
· Maintaining a positive attitude under adverse circumstances
· Ability to follow direction and embrace critiques of work performance
· Record keeping, communication, marketing, writing, phone and public relation skills
· Valid NH driver’s license and clean driving record
· Ability to lift 50 pounds

An applicant considering the Gleaning Coordinator position must be able to manage an every changing schedule based upon the demands of the farms being served and the surplus available. The position would average 30 hours a week, however during the early and late months of the season hours will be less than 30 and during peak months the hours would likely exceed 30. Every effort would be made to make this a year round position, to ensure continuity and consistency work in the Pantry Program would be available after harvest time. During harvest time there would be no set schedule and self-management would be expected.

There is also a possibility of TCK having its own Community Garden for produce and this position would be the coordinator for that.

When applying please feel free to add your resume and send to: Phoebe Bray <>

Salvation Farms

Salvation Farms Mission

We are a not for profit organization whose mission is to build increased resilience in Vermont’s food system through agricultural surplus management.


Salvation Farms is a proactive resource management organization driven by a vision to increase community food security, food independence, food access, food equality and food resilience in Vermont.  We will build an innovative management system for our state’s agricultural surplus bounty.  By engaging Vermonters with their local farms and food system we will ensure that Vermont grown food is available to everyone.

Our programs will facilitate statewide connectivity of the capture and movement of agricultural surplus fruit, vegetables and meat in Vermont, making them available to institutions and individuals who currently have limited access.

Why We Glean

“The United States produces 356 billion pounds of food annually. Of this annual total, 96 billion pounds is lost between production and consumption every year. This translates into 27 percent of the American food supply (Kantor et al. 1997).”

“The 96 billion pounds of wasted food could easily feed the 38 million people considered food-insecure in America (Nord et al. 2004).”


Salvation Farms
PO Box 1175
Morrisville, VT 05661