NH Maple Weekend

Originally published on New Hampshire Maple Producers Website

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Hosted by the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association, Maple Sugaring Month runs March 7 through March 29, spanning four weekends of maple madness! The 25th Annual NH Maple Weekend will be March 21 – 22, 2020.

Join the fun at a local participating sugar house! Across the state, sugar makers open their doors to the public to demonstrate the centuries-old craft of maple sugaring.

Meet the maple producers of New Hampshire. Discover how their operation works, enjoy free samples of fresh syrup, maple candies and confections, coffee and doughnuts. Some locations offer pancake breakfasts, petting farms or horse-drawn rides. Come taste why pure New Hampshire maple syrup has long been a delicious harbinger of spring.

Sweet! NH Maple Sugaring Month Starts March 12th

mapleThe New Hampshire Maple Producers Association hosts Maple Sugaring Month from March 12- April 3, 2016 and the 21st Annual Maple Weekend on March 19 – 20, 2016.

WEEK 1: Maple Producers (View as PDF)

Participating Monadnock Region Maple Producers:

Atkins Family Sugarhouse
Shawn & Kathy Atkins
504 South Main St
Washington, NH 03280
maple products, candy, cream, butter, sugar, syrup, and baked goods
Ben’s Sugar Shack
Ben Fisk
83 Webster Hwy
Temple, NH 03084
Join Us For Ben’s Sugar Shack’s Annual Maple Month!! Great time for anyone! Families, Singles, Couples, and Kids!!!! Free Tours Given from tree to the bottle! Also, Stop By For Delicious Free Samples!! Maple Syrup, Maple Cotton Candy, Maple Sugar on Snow, Maple Syrup on Ice Cream, And So Much More!!!


Clark’s Sugarhouse
David & Alvin Clark
Crane Brook Road
Acworth, NH 03602
Free Syrup samples. Tour our bison farm. Bison burgers, bison chili, maple pecan pie, donuts, coffee and cold drinks. Wood fired operation. All maple products for sale along with frozen bison meat. All food will also be for sale March 12 and 13.

Connolly’s Sugar House
Chris Connolly
140 Webster Hwy
Temple, NH 03084
Sample syrup from our wood-fired evaporator. We offer many homemade maple based foods including whoopee pies, waffles on a stick, maple cream and maple walnut ice cream. Maple sausage for sale at our farm store. Visit with our Jersey cows and calves. Food truck on site selling breakfast and lunch. Firewood processor demos at 11 & 2 each day. Port-a-potty on site.

Crescendo Acres Farm
Russ Fiorey
21 Carpenter Rd
Surry, NH 03431
Sugar house open for guests. Learn how maple syrup is made. Maple syrup samples, gift shop open. Farm animals to visit- alpacas & mini horses. Help gather sap. Enjoy our country setting. There is no fee for our activities. Just come and enjoy all we do.

Four Saps Sugar Shack
Begley/Comtois Familys
10 Fredette Drive
Lyndeborough, NH 03082
Maple syrup for sale, as well as baked goods, maple candy, maple nuts and lots more maple products. Come and grab a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and watch demonstrations going on all day.

Grand Monadnock Maple Farm, LLC
Jon & Jillian Miner
149 Breed Road
Harrisville, NH 03450
Stop by and sample Maple syrup, Maple Candy and Maple Cream. Tours of the sugarhouse. All items may be purchased at the sugarhouse.

Grassy Brook Maple Products
Guy Elliot & Family
201 Gustin Pond Rd
Marlow, NH 03456
12-6 Sat, 11-5 Sun
Saturdays – Coffee, homemade donuts and all kinds of maple tasting. There will be demo on boiling, candy making. Sundays – Taste our maple syrup on homemade pancakes. Demo of making of syrup, maple cream, fudge, and sugar on snow. Taste our maple pulled pork & Maple baked beans from 3pm – close on Sundays. As always our syrup and confections will be for sale.

Hunts Sugar House LLC
Charles M Hunt Sr and Charles M Hunt Jr
28 Gleason Falls Rd
Hillsboro, NH 03244
We would like you to join us in our family tradition of making maple syrup for over 100 years. We will be having free homemade donuts and coffee with samples of syrup, candy, and cream. All maple products sold at the Sugar House.

Molly’s Maple Barn
Bruce & Danielle Harrington
108 Red House Rd
Francestown, NH 03043
We are a small sugar house and still produce maple syrup the old fashioned way including hand filtering. You can see a maple tree with the sap flowing into a bucket, how the sap gets into the sugar house, the evaporator and the final delicious result of liquid gold! We will have maple syrup for sale, which may still be warm from that day’s harvest. Toffee made with maple syrup will also be for sale and maple cookies available for sampling. Check out Molly’s Maple Barn on Facebook!

Morning Star Maple
John & Karen Keurulainen
1596 Main Street
Dublin, NH 03444
10-5 Sat, 10-4 Sun
We have an extensive variety of our own maple syrup in glass bottles, tins & plastic jugs. Maple cream, popcorn, cotton candy, fudge, and much more available for sale. Free samples given out every weekend. **Maple Weekend: serving free pancakes both days. Boiling hours may vary depending on weather conditions. Please call ahead.

Mt. Crumpit Farm
Dale Smith
207 Lull Rd
New Boston, NH 03070
Call for hours
With the unpredictable weather, please call for boiling times any day of the week (usually evenings). If we have sap to boil, you are more than welcome to visit when it fits into your schedule, not just on the weekend. Maple weekend- we will offer talks about sugaring over a wood fired evaporator. Donuts and coffee will be available for free.

Old Pound Road Sugar House
Charles Levesque
37 Old Pound Road
Antrim, NH 03440
Call for appt
On Maple Weekend we will provide free maple syrup and maple candy samples for tasting. A full explanation of the maple sap boiling process and syrup and candy making will be given to everyone. We love to have children in the sugar house and make it fun to learn the process! We’ll have maple muffins and coffee for free. Fresh maple syrup and candy will also be available for sale. This small sugar house is an intimate way to smell the sap boiling and learn about this much loved late winter/early spring ritual!

Somero Maple Farm
Peter & Reuben Somero
21 Poor Farm Rd
New Ipswich, NH 03071
9-2 Sat
Tours of the sugar house, maple syrup samples, other maple product samples.

Stuart & John’s Sugar House Restaurant
Stuart Adams & John Matthews
31 Route 63
Westmoreland, NH 03467
Maple Tours, Free maple samples, Free Popcorn. Full Breakfast and Lunch menu served in our 93 seat dining room. Maple syrup served warm at your table family style. All items cooked to order fresh and hot. No reservations, first come, first serve. Many white board specials.

Woodard’s Sugar House
Mark and Kati Woodard
1200 Rt 12A
Surry, NH 03431
We will be offering tours, sale and samples of our products (maple syrup, maple candy, maple cream, maple coated nuts, maple cotton candy, maple sugar), sugar on snow (pending if we have snow), demonstrations, free raffle to win maple products.

Maple Madness: Sugaring with Hank Kenney of Maple Homestead Farm

Hank stoking the fire to boil sap for maple syrup.

By Hannah Grimes Marketplace and Laura Keir

Hank Kenney’s favorite part of maple sugaring is the boiling, when the gallons and gallons of sap are reduced down to a sweet syrup. But so far this year, he hasn’t been able to do much boiling.  Up until this past Saturday, March 12, when the Kenneys started boiling, they  hadn’t made “a spoonful” of maple syrup.  Last year Maple Homestead Farm had finished its syrup production by March 18th. Despite the slow start to the sugaring season at Maple Homestead Farm and elsewhere, the sap is finally running.

Hank has been farming his land in Marlborough since 1972. For nearly 20 years, it was a dairy farm with up to 70 cows. But they couldn’t make money at it. Now the Kenneys’ focus is on the maple syrup, which is available in about 10 stores in the area, and on the hay, which they sell to grain stores and big stables. The roughly 1,000 gallons of maple syrup the farm makes in an average year accounts for about a quarter of the farm’s business, while the 30,000 bales of hay produced each year makes up a considerable chunk of the rest. They also keep five beef cows.

The weather had not cooperated to make the sap run at Maple Homestead until just this past Saturday- freezing nights and warm, sunny days are needed. The Kenneys tap 5,100 trees spread out over 500 acres of land. The sap that ran from those trees earlier in the season did not contain enough sugar to make quality maple syrup. Using a hydrometer to test the sap, Hank found that  the sap was only 1% sugar, while 2% or 3% is usually needed to make syrup. Hank says this is probably because the maple trees did not get enough rain back in August, when they were producing their sugars. Despite the low sugar content, someone did boil this low sugar sap, but according to Hank the syrup turned out so dark that they could not sell it.

One of Hank’s favorite maple stories involves a group of middle school kids from Long Island who came up for a visit on a cold, rainy day during sugaring season. “Most had never been off the pavements,” he says. Hank gave them buckets and took them out to show them how the sugaring was done. When they got back to the house, one young boy looked at Hank and said: “Mr. Kenney, this is a lot of work. Why don’t you just buy your syrup at the supermarket?”

“People have gotten too far removed from the farm,” Hank says. “Fewer and fewer people are directly involved with farming. They think food grows on the store shelves.”

As a farmer, Hank knows best that food depends on the temperament of the weather rather than magically appearing on the grocery store shelf. Hank’s prediction for the 2011 sugaring season is that due to the unusually late start there will be less maple syrup produced in this part of the state compared with areas further north. Time will tell how the season shapes up for that golden maple syrup New Hampshire is famous for.

Maple Homestead Farm
60 Richardson Rd
Marlborough, NH 03455
(603) 876-3838

Maple Syrup from Maple Homestead Farm  is available at the Hannah Grimes Marketplace.

Beyond Maple Syrup

By Bonnie Hudspeth, Winter 2008
Portions of this text were originally published in Local Banquet Magazine

Vermont entrepreneurs are using maple sap in new ways – and waiting to see how the climate changes.

Although Vermont led all states in maple syrup production in 2006 with 460,000 gallons-more than 32 percent of the maple syrup produced in the United States-the threat of a Vermont without maple syrup is real. Tim Perkins at the University of Vermont’s Proctor Maple Research Station in Underhill has found that the sugaring season-formerly 30 days in length-has been shifting earlier in the spring by a week (on average) over the past 40 years, thereby reducing the standard season by 6 to 10%. And many sugar producers have already experienced the impact of changing weather on sap production.

But the threat to maples hasn’t stopped Vermont entrepreneurs from using maple sap in innovative ways. Here are three local businesses that have taken the maple syrup once reserved for Sunday morning pancakes and used it in variations never before imagined:  http://www.localbanquet.com/issues/years/2008/winter08/beyondmaple_w08.html.