Backyard Compost Building


Backyard Compost Building
A Small Scale Biodynamic Model, Lynne Boudreau of Kroka Expeditions
Sun 5/7 – 1pm-4pm

Workshop fee: $25

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Join W.S. Badger Company for a hands-on workshop to explore the joys of decomposition and learn how to make compost that will feed your plants and nourish your being! We will spend time discussing different materials and their properties, as well as the composting processes and the magical influence of various biodynamic preparations on the inner workings of the compost pile. We will then head outside to actually build a compost pile together.

Please wear appropriate shoes/boots and dress for the weather. Bring gloves if you desire, and a pitch fork or shovel if you can!

Presenter Bio: Lynne Boudreau is co-founder of Kroka Expeditions in Marlow, NH. Prior to becoming Kroka’s Farm and Garden Manager/Educator, Lynne apprenticed on a biodynamic farm in Pennsylvania. The Farm at Kroka Expeditions uses biodynamic and organic practices with the intention of healing the land. With a deep respect for the natural world and the wisdom and ways of elders and native people, Lynne farms using varied modalities, while also working by intuition and trust that the Earth knows how to care for itself.

Discover Local Compost!

From Monadnock Food Co-op’s Website:

Our Discover Local Promotion gives us the opportunity to bite into different parts of our Monadnock Food System, and learn some of the juicy details about each component — from the soil that gives rise to the delectable fruits and vegetables we seek, to the not-so-delectable (but essential) spoiled and discarded food scraps that become compost and are then returned to the soil.  This month, we’re starting at the ground, with a Seeds & Soil theme.   

First let’s look at compost and its role in enriching our soils. Compost closes the loop in our community’s food system: plants grow from the soil, we consume what the plants yield, we throw scraps into our compost pile and then return the finished compost to the soil.

Hopefully you’re already turning your kitchen scraps into compost and adding it to your garden.  If you’re like me, however, your compost bin has a hard time keeping up with your compost needs.  There are a few local suppliers of compost to choose from and support.  Please be sure to call ahead!

  • Ideal Compost, Peterborough
    Mike Lombard makes Ideal Compost from horse letter, cow and chicken manure, spoiled grain, grass, straw, silage and leaves.  They test their compost after months of “cooking” the materials to make sure the compost has decayed enough and ready for your garden and farm beds.  You can purchase their compost in bulk or bagged, and they can deliver to your yard (for an extra fee).
  • Stonewall Farm, Keene
    Starting the end March or early April, Stonewall Farm will sell their compost, made from the farm’s own animal manure. Compost in bags and in bulk will be sold.
  • Tracie’s Community Farm, Fitzwilliam
    Bagged Ideal Compost sold at Tracie’s Community Farm‘s farmstand.
  • Walpole Valley Farms, Walpole
    Bulk compost made from Walpole Valley Farms pasture-raised animals available by the pickup load.

Learn about the second half of our February Discover Local Theme: SEEDS

Don’t Have Enough Compost? Buy Locally Made Compost!

Ideal Compost
Mike Lombard, 439 Old Greenfield Road, Peterborough, NH 03458
Hours of operation: M – F by appt. only.
Saturdays 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m (April, May, June),
Closed Sundays and Memorial Weekend.
Materials accepted: leaves.
Sells compost bulk or bagged, will load trucks for customers, will deliver.

To make our compost, we start out with piles and piles of horse litter, cow and chicken manure, spoiled grain, grass, hay, straw, silage and leaves. We monitor progress with thermometers and moisture meters.After months and months of the slow burning of decay, each compost batch is tested for maturity. When ready, the compost is screened, blended into a range of products, and stacked up, ready for you.

Stonewall Farm
, Keene
Amanda Hopkins, Garden Manager 603-357-7278

Rich, Organic Compost – $20/bucket-load (approximately a half-yard).
Special pick-up times: Every Saturday in May from 2:30 to 5:30 pm, and every Sunday in May from 9 am to 1 pm. Drive past the Learning Center to the greenhouses.

Keene Recycling Center
, Keene
Duncan Watson, 603-352-5739 Ext. 2
Hours of operation: M-F 7-3, Sat 8-1

Materials accepted: Leaf and yard waste, small brush.
Compost available free of charge to Keene residents only, one cubic yard limit; product unscreened.

Brookfield Farm

Chris Gowdy, Walpole, NH 03608
Hours of operation: Call first.
Sells compost.

Echo Moon Farm
Tom & Charlene Beaudry, Walpole, NH 03608
Hours of operation: Call first for bulk compost, bagged materials available anytime on the honor system.
Sells compost bagged and bulk, wholesale and retail.